Are you looking for answers to situations in your life that you are currently experiencing or that could possibly happen in the future? You may want to use the services of a clairvoyant or tarot card reader to get the answers you want. Whether you need relationship, job, or financial advice, these individuals can help.

However, you want to make sure you talk to someone who has experience. Kartenleger Sky Dylan, who lives in Frankfurt Germany, has many years of experience as a clairvoyant and tarot card reader. Sky is also a medium and can help connect you to the spiritual world if you are interested. He also makes no vague observations; he tries to give specific information, even concerning time.

If you live in Frankfurt, Vienna, Luxembourg, St. Moritz or Zurich or if you will be visiting one of these places soon, you can book an appointment for a tarot card or a palm reading from Sky personally. If you do not live in one of these cities, you can still book an appointment with Sky and get a tarot card reading on the phone (Kartenlegen am Telefon). These phone calls can be purchased in different time frames of 15 minutes to one hour. These calls are affordable. If your reading takes slightly longer than the time frame you’ve purchased, Sky will continue to work with you, so you get the answers you are seeking. He also uses the following methods to help with his readings: rune interpretation, channeling, astrology and horoscopes.