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If you hate your current kitchen, perhaps the layout is awkward, or you have a tired and dated design then for your next home renovation project a kitchen remodel should be top of your list. With the current trends for big bold colours, colour contrasts, textures or even an industrial look, you can get creative and look for inspiration when designing your dream kitchen.


Whilst home renovations can be expensive, one way to save money is by renewing your Kitchen Countertops rather than replacing them. Instead of getting in a demolition crew and kitchen fitters to remove and replace your old kitchen surfaces, for a mere fraction of the cost you can have them resurfaced with a modern hard-wearing finish that looks just like a high-end granite or Corian work surface. As an added bonus resurfacing is far less disruptive, being much quicker and cleaner when using a quality workman, typically you will be able to use your new kitchen surfaces the next day. As well as dated, ugly or just not to your taste surfaces, resurfacing can also work on damaged or marked countertops included chipped, cracked, stained or even scorched countertops.


The process for renewing your kitchen countertop surface starts with prep work to prepare you old kitchen countertop surface. The surface will be cleaned thoroughly and sanded down. Any chips, cracks or dents can be filled in at this stage too. A three-part epoxy primer will then be applied to the sanded surface before the StoneFlecks spray coating is applied. The StoneFlecks coating is designed to react with the primer layers and a chemical reaction occurs which quickly hardens the surface. As a final step an acrylic top coat is applied for a glossy sheen and to seal the worktop surface. For around four fifths of the cost of a new granite or Corian worksurface you can have the same look and feel with a StoneFleck surface. This innovative lay-flat product gives a smooth stone-like finish with an incredibly hardened surface. Renew Resurfacing can even give you the bevelled front edge of a real stone work top and disguise the ugly squared off front of a laminate countertop including the unsightly black joins. The finished workshop is non-porous and incredibly easy to clean with much better stain resistance too. The formulation used by Renew Resurfacing was originally designed for use on satellites and is also commonly used within the marine industry, so as you can imagine it is extremely hardwearing. In fact, with a 5-year warranty issued as standard you can be assured of an extremely durable finish and your new countertops will look like new for years to come. In case your new countertop is damaged by some accident it can always be spot-repaired with the same process.


Renew Resurfacing, a family-run business serving the Omaha metro area can assist with any Kitchen or Bathroom Remodeling projects you may have. With design expertise and their satisfaction guarantee they will ensure your expectations are surpassed with countertop resurfacing.