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Have you already set dates for your marriage? Well then, you have a number of things to arrange in the coming weeks and months. Fixing a wedding date is easy work, but making preparations for your wedding isn’t so. You have to decide on a place where you would want to get married, booking a good banquet or location where the marriage would take place, what you would like to wear on the D-day, the type of decoration that you want for your wedding and reception, make a list of people you would want to invite to your wedding, wedding dress code (if any), the menu that you would love to serve to your guests, the music to be played, DJs and emcees and a lot more.


But that’s not everything that you need to arrange for. Appeasing your friends and family isn’t everything, your wedding is one of the most important events of your life and you need to make preparations so that you and your spouse can have the best time together after you have exchanged the rings and that means preparing for a fantastic honeymoon to a place that you both will like and would be able to spend quality time with each other like never before. Thus, the choice of your honeymoon destination is an important decision that you both need to take depending on your preferences and budget. If you aren’t quite sure about where you would like to go for your honeymoon or cannot decide on a place that would be ideal for your honeymoon, then you can visit Bubbly Moments and take some inspiration.


This is a website run by Emilia who happens to be an orthodontist and a traveler and explorer as well. She has shared her numerous experiences on the website, including her visits to different countries and islands of the world. Her lucid writings will allow you to live the experiences that she had had while honeymooning and traveling to other countries of the world with her spouse and friends and you will be able to have a better idea of the honeymoon location that would suit you and your partner the best. You could easily honeymoon at the locations where Emilia spent her lovely days as a couple in love or you could choose some other destination too that you think would be perfect for you. Emilia’s writings will help you plan your honeymoon perfectly so that you can explore the place well while still enjoying your spouse’s company on your first honeymoon.


Believe it or not, Emilia is a noted Chicago Travel Influencer who has been inspiring travel enthusiasts from across the world to explore different serene and ethereally beautiful places and countries that will impress anyone with a wanderlust. You can easily surf the various posts on the websites and you will have a great idea about any place you want to know more about before you actually plan your honeymoon or for that matter any vacation with your friends and family.