Emotional Intelligence

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Are you familiar with the term emotional intelligence? Also known as your emotional quotient, or EQ, this is the ability to identify your emotions and observe your emotions and the emotions of others. Being emotionally intelligent helps us to manage and understand our own emotions and the emotions of others, making us more communicative and building stronger relationships both personally and professionally. People who have a higher EQ have been found to empathize and relate to others better. They have also been known to demonstrate more leadership skills.

You can build up your EQ in many ways, including reading books on the subject. There are many books out there that can be beneficial, including ones that compare EQ and IQ, and ones that focus on being emotionally intelligent in the workplace.  You can also work on it through the study of positive psychology, which is also known as the science of happiness.

The science of happiness focuses on how we can work on behaviors that will help us to be happier in relationships, at work and in general. There are many ways to study this new form of psychology. There are several books you can read, including the ones mentioned above. You can watch TED talks online and download free exercises. There are also classes and courses you can take at universities and online. Yale and NYU are just a couple of examples of colleges that provide such courses. Most times these courses are free except for paying for a certificate.