Garbage Chute Sprinkler

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Be it a commercial building or a high rising residential one, it must be secured in every aspect. Amongst all the security measures that are really important, fire security comes at the top. Especially in case of the commercial buildings you need to take such level of security measures so that fire incidents do not happen at all. But in case it does happen, you need to be ready for it and make sure the fire does not spread quickly to other parts of the building. In most of the cases fire starts in the garbage collection system which being a centralized system must be secured in the best way possible.



Normally the garbage collection systems are connected with different parts of the building with chutes which can be really dangerous in case there is a fire in the system. Unless you have a proper alarming system, you will never know how far the fire has gone up until it hits certain floors. This is where the Garbage Chute Sprinkler comes in. This is a basic security measure to protect the chutes from the fire. As soon as the fire starts to spread in the system, the sprinklers will be in action to put out the fire.


To make sure the sprinklers work fine, you need to find a quality sprinkler head. If you install NFPA certified Trash Chute Sprinkler Heads you can be rest assured that the system will be able to fight off the fire for sure. Normally these quality heads get activated as soon as the temperature reaches 165F which is quite low and thus making sure your garbage system, chutes and building floors are safe from any unwanted fire.