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If the school, summer camp, sports team or any other extracurricular activity you child attends is suffering from a lice epidemic, chances are that your child and your family members, even you, might catch a lice infestation. No matter how strict and careful you are with your hygiene and cleanliness habits, lice can still happen. In fact, this is often one of the biggest myths associated with lice. Of course, they can be easier to catch in the presence of less than ideal hygiene, but the reverse association is not true. That is to say, a lice infestation is not necessarily synonymous with lack of hygiene, which is why so many parents whose children catch lice feel guilty and ashamed, thinking it was their lack of oversight that caused the problem, when in fact it is not their fault at all! Lice are incredibly smart, opportunistic, and resilient little creatures and they lurk almost everywhere, whether in the form of fully developed louse or as nits. And they are also incredibly good at jumping long distances, which is how they can migrate from the head of one child to the head of your own child just by playing together in the playground or sitting next to each other to eat lunch at recess. As you can see, there is very little that can be done to prevent lice infestations, no matter how strict the hygiene of your child is.



So, if you now have a lice infestation in your hands, surely your next step is to find out what the best Lice Removal option might be. There are countless possibilities in the market, ranging from home remedies, to special combs, and even chemical substances in the form of shampoos, creams, and soaps. The bad news is that, as we said before, lice are incredibly resilient and with the growth in popularity of these toxic substances, they have become more and more resistant to them, so that we now know that the effectiveness of these products is declining. This means that, in order to effectively get rid of the problem, you would need to use more than one product, more than once, to really eliminate the lice problem. Worse still, many of these substances are known carcinogenics and can be toxic to children. In fact, permethrin, perhaps the most popular component of these type of products, has been proven to contribute to produce cancer. Why would any parent choose to use that on the head of their children?


Of course, parents who use permethrin and other similar substances as their Lice Treatment of choice, often do without being aware of the possible adverse effects, but what if we told you about a safe, efficient, effective, fast, and pain free option to help you get rid of lice? Lice Free Noggins Head Lice Removal Service, the leading provider of in-home Lice Removal NYC and the tri state area offers a specially formulated product that is free of dangerous chemicals and proven effectiveness