In the business and celebrity worlds the practice of managing the spread of information is known as Public Relations (PR). This includes controlling information released about a company or individual through print media such as newspapers and magazines and through the internet via online news sites, blogs or social media. PR is concerned mostly with the dissemination of information for free, as opposed to paid advertising or marketing campaigns but it is true that these areas can overlap and work cooperatively. A poorly received advertising campaign may need a PR professional to spin or do damage control to fix the brand’s reputation. Media Maison offers exactly this type of service: the full suite of expertise to cover the gaps between marketing, public relations, branding and digital media.



Whether you are world famous and want to control the information that is published by the press about your family, or you are an up and coming innovative company with a breakthrough product you need the world to know about, a PR agent can help you to gain exposure or control the media.


The very best PR professionals like Media Maison have worked for years to build relationships with print and online media, opinion makers, industry experts and those in a position of power. This allows them to leverage their industry links in their client’s best interests. The types of activities a public relations professional would undertake range from designing communication campaigns and composing press releases, to arranging for client media interviews and press conferences.