Medical Cannabis

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Medical Cannabis also is known as Medical Marijuana is a plant-based medicine that has been in the top list of medicinal value for decades. Different cultures have experimented with the plant for different medical uses. The fact is that as this a high dosage plant, the plant has several side effects. Today the plant extracts are used in capsules, dust and liquid forms. The capsules are recommended by a neurologist since the medicine is quite beneficial for neurology disorder patients. It has been found that the medicine can help to reduce extreme pains of chemotherapy, joint pains, and arthritis pains and so on.



Bringing back the topic on side effects the medicine can cause serious side effects for which the product has been restricted by the government. Not every store in Canada is licensed to sell this product. There is a Cannabis production association in Canada who can actually produce and sell the medicine. Since it has side effects like dizziness, sleepiness and gives fuzzy feelings some people also misuse the product. That’s the reason behind so much of restriction.


It is recommended to take this medicine under a doctor’s consultation. As the product contains a high level of THC, patients who are having this for the first time are recommended to take the little dosage. Increasing the dosage in one go can lead to a serious health problem. The Sensi Star formula is extremely high in THC so new patients should not go for it. So consult your doctor first and then check for retailers who sell the best Medical Cannabis Canada.