Menopause Treatment

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Menopause is a common phase in a woman’s life that occurs during the late 40s and early 50s. Basically, the menstrual cycle comes to an end thereby reducing the capability of reproduction. The ovaries produce female hormones, estrogens & progesterone. During menopause, the ovaries reduce the production of the two hormones which leads to the ceasing of egg production in the ovaries. The main purpose of the female body is a reproduction. Now if the process ceases suddenly it might lead to some serious body changes. Menopause Symptoms are those physical and mental changes in the body.



Often it has been found that women going through menopause have some changes in their behavior. Women get rude, angry and lack patience easily. Though there is no actual connection between depression and menopause, if one has a history of depression, that person will surely go through anxiety, fearfulness and psychological disorders during this phase. Mood disturbance basically happens due to hot flushes, lack of sleep and stress. But nothing to worry about! If proper measures are taken, one can definitely overcome such situations.



As a family member, it is recommended by doctors, if one sees such changes in your dear one’s life, try to spend more time with her and make her feel happy. Somehow she needs a support to come out of the fear and anxiety. Do not argue or mess with that person at least during those times. As a part of Menopause Treatment, it is recommended to do at least 1 hour of meditation and Yoga daily.