Patient Kiosk

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Information and data has become ubiquitous in our modern age. Everything nowadays is based around providing information, and this information is not always handled in the best possible way. This raises security and safety concern. Information and data leaks are and even bigger concern when one needs to trust private and confidential information in the hands of a third party, such as hospital and patient records. A health care establishment has the responsibility of caring and protecting this valuable information in the best possible way. It is a matter of trust that should never, under any circumstance, be violated. This is why SBS, an information technology company specializing in providing solution for the health care industry, offers a wide range of services for all types of health care organizations. Their services range from IT outsourcing, to consulting on information management and organizing systems, to health care informatics and more. In a nutshell, their services cover everything that is needed to create a health care institution that runs smoothly like a well-oiled machine.


One of their most innovative solutions is their patient kiosk. As technologies improve and information becomes increasingly available, it just makes sense for institutions to be open and foster the adoption of more technical and less prone to error ways of managing confidential data. SBS’s patient kiosk provides just this technical improvement. It consists of a series of interactive computer stations that can be mobile, free-standing or mounted on countertops that allows patients to take care of several tasks related to their information by themselves.