Property Management in Omaha

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The process of creating building infrastructure, including both residential and commercial properties is known as the trade of ‘construction’ or ‘building construction’ to differentiate between the other types of construction. At the beginning of any construction project you must first create your design brief, plan the construction process and arrange any necessary finance to fund your build. For larger projects it is useful to employ a project manager or construction manager. If the job is small perhaps just a small renovation or perhaps you have some expertise yourself then this is a role that either the property owner or builder can also undertake. During the planning phases you will need to take into consideration many different aspects such as local planning, building and zoning rules, environmental and health and safety regulations and concerns, material sourcing, logistics along with the management and scheduling of the various different trades. Some types of Residential properties are Condominiums, Mansions, Skyscrapers, Mews or Townhouses and Single-Family Dwellings. Commercial Properties fall into distinct categories based upon their intended usage, namely; Leisure (sports and hospitality), Retail (stores and shopping malls), Business (office buildings and office parks), Industrial (factories, warehouses, or even R&D facilities) and Healthcare (hospitals, nursing homes and medical centres).



One of the best Construction Companies in Omaha is B Douglas Construction, a skilled and experienced team with expertise across many different types of both residential and commercial construction projects. They are able to work with you on projects both big and small from a full new build project, property management and maintenance works or a small home renovation or remodel. They are proud to service Omaha, Gretna and the surrounding regions and offer free consults and estimates. Their list of services includes; demolition, remodeling, full-service construction, decorating, room addition, kitchen and bathroom renovation. The company is owned by Bryan Boyce who works alongside his wife Dawn who is also a licensed realtor. Bryan brings with him over 20 years’ experience in residential and commercial building construction. He also has extensive experience in the management and operations of property along with interests in money-saving, recycling, green and eco-friendly initiatives.



With this experience B Douglas is able to provide a full range of property management services to its clients. Property Management encompasses the running, maintenance and control of properties and real estate, including both the people – i.e. tenants, owners, tradesman, and the management of the building itself. B Douglas offers their services across the boards acting as both letting managers to build relationships with tenants or leaseholders and property caretakers. For comprehensive Property Management in Omaha, their services include conducting property walk-throughs, litter picking, installation and running of lock boxes for keys, maintaining fire alarm and other safety systems, managing landscaping, maintaining the presentation of buildings (pressure washing exteriors, roof and gutter inspection and clearance, leaf clearing etc) and much more. They can even organize the putting up of holiday decorations and of course removing them once the season is over. They make investing and profiting from property easy.