Since the 6th Century, around when Islam was established, it has been popular or required of women to dress modestly and to cover their hair, head, face and neck. Islam teaches that women should lower their gaze, guard their modesty and not display their beauty except to their husbands and other male family, although the extent to which this is interpreted and practiced varies greatly. There are several types of traditional coverings known by different names including the Hijab, Burqa, Niqab and Khimar. The differences between these may appear subtle; the Hijab is a simple veil, draped over the head and chest, to conceal the hair but not the face. It can be long or short depending on the wearer’s preference. Most often a standard head scarf is used and secured around the head and hair to hide the neck, whilst leaving the face unobscured. The word Hijab is also used as a descriptive verb to mean the action of covering up; the Niqab is a veil, similar to the Hijab that covers the head and hair but also provides coverage for the face, except for just the eyes and area around the eyes which is left clear; for full-face coverage the Burqa is a single-piece garment which completed covers the head, face and body but with a small mesh panel over the eye area to allow the wearer to see out; another type of head covering worn by Islamic women is the Khimar, similar to the Hijab, this garment is like a cape to cover the hair, neck and tops of the shoulders but again, the face is still unobstructed.


Worn in addition to modesty headwear, a Jilbab is an Islamic-compliant garment which resembles a loose-fitting coat and acts as an over-garment to conceal their body from head to toe. It can be fashioned into a skirt or pants. Khimar Sets from Misk of Jannah combine an Islam Compliant Jilbab (with either skirt or pants) and a Khimar style head covering which can be adapted for either just head coverage, head and partial face coverage or full-face coverage similar to a burqa. The headwear fits perfectly and holds fast without slipping so you can choose whatever level of modesty coverage your desire. They are made from high quality Muslim Fashion Materials which you will find comfortable whatever the weather, or activity, no need to worry about sweating or shivering they provide both heat and cold resistance, and of course protection from the sun’s rays. The materials are even wrinkle-free so extremely easy-care, and high-quality fabrics designed to stay looking good and last.


You can also find a beautiful range of colored Qurans for sale, including the rainbow Quran which distinguishes every juz with a different shade for ease of reference and study. They come in two stunning velvet jackets in magenta or turquoise as standard, but with other colors available on request. These make for a thoughtful wedding or hostess gift and will be sure to become a treasured keepsake.