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Planning for your honeymoon? You must be really excited. Who wouldn’t be? You get to be in an exotic place with none other than your life partner. Obviously, you have a whole lot of preparations to make. You need to choose a destination, plan your journey, book hotels, buy clothes and a lot more. But what about your lingerie? You surely wouldn’t want to wear the same old lingerie that you wear every day. And that is why you need to go shopping for Womens Lingerie.



Buying lingerie is very easy now as you can find huge collection of fancy and exotic lingerie at online stores. But before you buy anything, it is important that you consider a few things. First comes the material of the lingerie. Since you need to look sexy for your partner, cotton lingerie is not a good choice. You may opt for fashionable lingerie in polyester or nylon or if you want to add some luxury feel to it, satin or silk may be a good choice.


Embellishments and patterns are important as well. To impress your hubby, you may do away with your regular pattern panties and go for a G String or even a C String, thongs, etc. that might spice things up more. Instead of wearing plain lingerie, go for those that come with embellishments like handiwork, lace work, ruffles, pearls, etc. This would show that you put in some effort to looking sexy for your husband and make him desire you more.