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Accident Compensation Claim Solicitors work in the field of personal injury law to help clients claim compensation and damages for accident or injury where the client was not to blame, or only partially at fault. In the case of partial fault, they can still help you claim and damages will be awarded based on a percentage basis, to take into account the proportion of blame of each of the different parties. It is not necessary to pay your attorneys upfront, since many will operate on a conditional fee agreement, more commonly known as ‘no-win no-fee’. If this is the case, they will take no payment from the client unless the case is successful, and damages are won, otherwise the charge is nothing.


Depending upon the circumstances of the accident, the compensation awarded can be made up from a combination of any of the following items; loss of past or future earnings, medical expenses, cost of repair or replacement of property, care assistance, vehicle hire or temporary accommodation costs and general damages to reflect pain and suffering.


If you have suffered a psychological illness, such as PTSD due to your treatment in the workplace, Work Stress Solicitors are specialist personal injury lawyers who have the expertise to deal with this type of tricky claim. They can assess your situation and help you make a claim for any mental illness as a result of unacceptable workload demands, breach of occupational health protocols, poor risk assessment planning, or any harassment, bullying or assault.